an English translation of the novel

Page 53-54

“To destroy all the false minoshiro would be to wipe out the last remaining artifacts of human intellectual history. The Committee of Ethics has agreed that this would be a loss to us all,” my mother replied calmly and firmly.

Tomiko added, “The Committee has indeed deliberated on this topic. The conclusion was that if a false minoshiro happened to be captured, so be it, but we should not purposely destroy them. This does not contradict our current policies. …Mizuho-chan, if the queerats managed to capture a false minoshiro, could they have found information on how to massacre the Giant Hornet colony?”

My mother thought for a moment. “…that knowledge would be under class four, subcategory three, which is forbidden to everyone.”

“The Security Council meeting takes precedence over everything else. If we can’t even discuss what we know, we won’t be able to move forward with the agenda,” Shisei Kaburagi snapped.

“We’re not asking you to open up the archives to the public. Just tell us what you can remember. This is an emergency situation. …does there exist a way to destroy a colony so thoroughly?”

Even my mother couldn’t continue to protest under Tomiko’s persuasion.

“There were many weapons of mass destruction in the ancient civilization. Using one of these, it is possible to instantly annihilate a queerat army. But I can’t think of a single one that could have been the weapon they used this time.”

“Why is that?”

“For one, none of the weapons can be built as quickly as this was. They all require highly sophisticated scientific techniques and industrial equipment that the queerats don’t have right now. Second, all the weapons that I know of leave some sort of trace when used.”

“For example?”

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  1. Just marathoned the show. I knew about this site and your translation project from long before I watched it, but I never expected you to be going still. Thank the gods for you, eerabit, and keep up the good work.

  2. Thanks for your efforts, I’m reading along in Japanese as well. Fantastic job.
    I prefer the way this scene plays out in the novels; Mizuho is actually doing something useful as head librarian rather than acting like an hysteric ;P


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