an English translation of the novel

Page 63-64


“It might take a bit of time, but I believe we will be able to produce some bones. If those are presented to the committee, it might help the story.”

“Some of our bones are visually similar to yours. An exceptionally tall queerat is about the same height as a young god. So, if we carefully scrape those bones against rocks…”


That’s right. No doubt that’s what happened. Yakomaru brought them the false bones. For a schemer like him, it would have been easy as pie. He cleverly manipulated queerat bones and…

“The bones are definitely real.”

I wondered if I was mishearing. What was Tomiko saying?

“We examined them as thoroughly as possible. There is no doubt the bones are human. There were no inconsistencies in age or gender either. Their dental records from Harmony School put it beyond all possible doubt, but to be even more sure, we had the experts at the Lotus Farms confirm that the DNA matched as well.”

No way. She was lying. I couldn’t believe it. Maria couldn’t have died. She just couldn’t. Cold sweat ran down my back and my vision began to dim.

“I can say with absolute confidence that Maria Akizuki and Mamoru Itou are dead. They had nothing to do with this incident.”

Tomiko’s words resounded like the wrathful judgement from the god of death.

What happened after that? I can only remember vague images and fragments of conversation.

The meeting was in such disorder it took a while to reach a conclusion. There were debates on how we should find the person helping the Robber Flies, but the fates of the queerats seemed to have been decided from the start.

Throughout all this, I felt Satoru glancing anxiously over at me.

Hiromi Torigai suggested that the next week’s summer festival be postponed until everything was settled, but the only reaction she got was pitying smiles from those who thought she was simply being her usual neurotic self.

In the end, the topic of how to search for the human traitor was left for next time. The committee unanimously agreed that Robber Fly colony and all its allies were to be exterminated even though we didn’t fully understand the extent of their crimes yet.


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