an English translation of the novel

Page 8-9

Late at night, after everything around me falls silent, I sink into a chair and close my eyes.

The scene that floats up from the depths of my mind is always the same, stamped permanently into my brain.

In the darkness at the back of the temple, a flame burns above the altar. Sparks burst from the fire like orange snowflakes, interrupting the sound of chanting coming from beneath the earth.

Each time, I wonder why it’s this scene.

Since that night when I was twelve, twenty three years have passed. In that time, various things have happened. {Incidents more sad and more frightening than I could have ever imagined.} They would rip out by the roots everything I had believed in until then.

And yet even now, why is that night always the first thing to come to my mind?

Is hypnotic suggestion really that powerful?

Sometimes, I still get the feeling that I {haven’t fully awakened} from the brainwashing.


Now, my reasons for recording this stream of circumstances surrounding those events is as follows.

Many things were returned to dust, and since that day, ten years have passed.

A span of ten years doesn’t mean much in the grand scheme of things. But problems piled up, and ironically, when the new order was instated, doubts about the future started sprouting. During this period, I spent some time studying history, and realized that as human beings, no matter how many tears we have to shed to learn a lesson, the moment the tears are dry, we forget. That’s the type of beings we are.

Of course, nobody should forget the promise that the indescribable tragedy that happened that day will never occur again. I want to believe that.

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  1. Doctor Who says:

    Does the book start on page 8? Or did you not translate the first seven pages?

  2. thank you!!!
    I’e been looking for it since the first few eps of the anime!!!!

  3. Nice to see someone translating Shinsekai :)
    I also started reading this in japanese and out of curiosity I compared my translations to yours and there is some sentences I understood differently.

    “Is it because that memory is even stronger than hypnotic suggestion?”
    >> Was the influence of the hypnotic suggestion that I received so strong?
    Where did you get the memory part?

    ” During this period, if you had the time, {you could try to find the thread running through our history. But when forced to recognize something new}”
    >> During this period, when I had time I studied history, but what I discovered was that…

    I am not expert in japanese so this is just how I undertood the text :)

    • eerabbit says:

      I just went back to reread the two parts you mentioned, and you’re definitely right. I know when I first started translating it, I had a lot of trouble interpreting the sentence structures (how they’re more like phrases strung together with commas instead of a full grammatical sentence), so that may have contributed to most of my mistakes. Hopefully it’s gotten better since then…

      As for the sentence about hypnotic suggestion…I have no idea where I got the memory part, I was on crack or something xP

      Thanks so much for pointing out my mistakes. I’ll go fix it now, and please let me know if you find more!

    • eerabbit says:

      I get it, I accidentally interpreted ひもといて as 紐 と いて(言って) instead of a conjugation of ひもとく >__< *feels dumb*

  4. Your English is much better than other translations I’ve seen for Japanese novels, and it’s very nice how you’re just picking away at it. Do you proofread? In any case, you’ve done a very nice job.

  5. Thank you for your hard working translating the novel!! ^^

  6. Thank you very much! For lack of a better word, I truly am most grateful for your efforts!! Really thank you!

  7. Hi! I want to thank you! Now i am using your translation for translate this great novel to russian! Thank you man :)

  8. I.A.Hernandez says:

    Thank you so much for these translations. I’ve been dying to read the book after seeing the anime. The story of SSY is a classic ^__^. I don’t know what Vertical Inc. is planning, as they seem to have removed the counter post T-T. Thank you so much again!

  9. didn’t enjoy the anime, but i’ll be checking this out. thanks for the hard work

  10. You are great :) thanks for your hard work!

    Its a beautiful present for me :)))


  11. I have a possible grammatical error to report.

    Not entirely sure, but I think “It would rip out by the roots” should be “They would rip out by the roots” because “They” refers back to the plural noun “Incidents”.

    Anyway, thanks for your terrific work in translating this one behemoth of a novel!!!


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