an English translation of the novel

Page 83-84

Next, hundreds of arquebuses fired simultaneously. Angry roars and shrieks of pain rose in an overwhelming cacophony. I sank to the ground and covered my ears. The townspeople were being killed by the queerats… I couldn’t think of a single thing I could do.

“Get up! Run!” Satoru grabbed my wrist and started dragging me away.

Then, faint sounds came from our escape path. A clanging sound of metal on metal. The sounds of muffled footfalls came closer and closer.

Queerats… I froze and held my breath. Satoru put in finger in front of his lips and gestured with his hands.

They came. More than I had imagined. Two or three hundred of them, moving ponderously with their bodies low to the ground.

Two strokes of luck saved us from being spotted instantly by the queerats. First, we were downwind. If we hadn’t been, they would definitely have noticed us with their sharp sense of smell. Second, we were both wearing dark clothing that blended in with the surroundings and made us hard to spot at a glance.

In that small window of opportunity, he killed them.

The queerats at the center of the formation burst into flames.

Piercing screams cut through the air and the other soldiers froze, their shocked faces lit by the fire.

“Go to hell!” Satoru snarled.

The flames spread swiftly from one soldier to the next like a chain of firecrackers. It took less than a minute for two hundred or so queerats to turn into bloody red lumps of flesh. All were too afraid to try to counterattack or escape.

“Bastards…!” Satoru viciously crushed the burnt remnants of the queerats. Blood sprayed through the air and bones snapped loudly.

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  1. Wow satarou….. Is very pissed…. This is . . . . Somewhat out of character and a semi shock for me to find, but that adds more flavor to the story. Can’t wait until the hospital part.


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