an English translation of the novel

Page 89-90

Koufuu Hino then began to shriek in queerat language. It appeared he was translating what he had just said. In any other situation, the sight of a fat man squeaking in such a high pitch that his cheeks trembled would have been hilarious.

“Upwind…it can’t be!” Satoru muttered suddenly.


“I thought it was weird that they would be traveling upwind. Being downwind should be more advantageous. In that case…this is bad!” he shouted at Koufuu Hino. “Poison gas! Watch out! They’re spreading poison gas in our direction!”

Koufuu Hino turned his bulging eyes in our direction, then nodded complacently.

“I see, I see. Thanks for letting me know, kid. I see, I see. It seems they’re not total idiots after all.”

There was a sudden strange smell. It wasn’t sulfurous like the gas the Ground Spiders used, but something sharp and acrid that made my eyes burn.

This was the real trap. The depth of Yakomaru’s cunning sent chills up my spine. He had a plan within a plan within a plan. The blitz attack was meant to fail from the very beginning.

And no one had thought that he would sacrifice his own troops to the poison gas.


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