an English translation of the novel

Page 91-92

We watched with bated breath. What would these two cantus masters do about the poison gas?

Nothing. Koufuu Hino’s bulging eyes returned to normal and he fanned himself lazily while Shisei Kaburagi stood motionless with his arms crossed.

“The wind…”

Satoru was the first to notice. The breeze that had been blowing until a moment ago died down. The acrid smell was disappearing.

The breeze started again. A soft, barely perceptible breath of air blowing in the opposite direction.

The wind grew stronger until it felt almost like a gale.

“I can’t believe it. …they reversed the direction of the wind,” I whispered incredulously.

I couldn’t imagine that either of them had the power to do it.

“Seriously. I would never be able to do this.”

Satoru seemed thoroughly impressed as well. He himself had created a tornado to sweep away the poison gas the Ground Spiders used, but the area had been windless at the time, and he had only moved the air in a limited space.

At night, the wind came down from the mountains, across the plains and toward the sea. It might feel like just a gentle breeze, but it was part of a much larger pressure system. Reversing it would take an absurd amount of energy, and I couldn’t even begin to imagine what sort of mental image was used to do it.

We still couldn’t see the queerat troop hiding what used to be upwind, but sounds of panic and cries of pain drifted over to us. That was only to be expected. After all, they were suddenly being choked by their own poison gas.

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  1. but at the area

  2. Cantus is so fascinating, I love when they go into detail about it and about the images they require to use it. It almost feels real.


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