an English translation of the novel

Page 92-93

“‘Bout what?”

“The Sun Prince’s face is all stiff. And isn’t it weird how he’s forcing us to go to the children’s center?”

“Yeah, but the entire situation is weird…”

I was so numb from fatigue that I felt disconnected from my body. Satoru was annoying me asking such obvious questions. Yes, it was weird. What the hell did he want me to do about it?

Shun opened the glass door with his cantus. I was extremely grateful to him for this. No doubt he was just as tired as the rest of us and would have preferred opening the door manually instead of using even more energy to concentrate his cantus, but he wanted to show the Sun Prince, and anyone else who was watching, that we had not all lost our powers.

As the Sun Prince said, breakfast was being prepared. There were pots of warm rice, salted salmon, tiger crab miso soup, raw eggs, seaweed, salad, and preserved kelp. Even dessert, brown sugar jelly, was in the works.

I was suddenly starving. We filled our bowls and started eating voraciously.

For a while, we were silent.

“We actually made it back okay…” Mamoru said earnestly.

“Okay? We don’t know what’ll happen later on,” Satoru said darkly.

“But we’re back, in any case,” Maria put her hand on Mamoru’s shoulder.

I agreed with the two of them. “Yeah, we might have over-thought the whole thing.”

“What do you mean?” Maria asked.

“Well, even after learning all those horrible things from the false minoshiro, nothing’s happened…”

“Sh!” Shun cut me off. “Someone might be listening.”


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