an English translation of the novel

Page 93-94

“Ufufufufufufu,” Koufuu Hino chuckled unpleasantly. “Silly fools. No, even fools could do better. Did you actually think you could kill us, the gods among gods, with such a pitiful strategy?”

His bald head turned as red as a boiled octopus and he fanned himself rapidly. A lewd smile played about his thick lips and he licked them incessantly.

“Now then, let’s have some fun. Foolish little rats, what shall I do with you? Eheeheeheeheeheehee. …won’t you come and play?”

The first wave of queerats had numbered four or five thousand. They stood silently in front of Koufuu Hino, then in one mechanical motion, divided neatly into two groups.

For a moment, I thought they were about to attack, but something didn’t seem right. The queerats stood as still as statues. One group turned, not toward us, but toward the second group of queerats, and readied their guns.

“How ’bout it Kaburagi-chan? Pick a side.” Koufuu Hino’s voice had a hysterical edge to it. “You can even choose first.”

Shisei Kaburagi shook his head, arms still crossed. “No thanks.”

“Eeeh, that’s too bad. It’s boring playing by myself, but I guess I don’t have a choice. Well, let’s get started.”

Koufuu Hino took a deep breath and clapped his hands together. The sound echoed loudly around the square.


He clapped to a beat, and his eyes bulged out once again.

“Aaara! Essasaaa!” he yelled thunderously.

All at once, the second group of queerats attacked the first.

“I don’t believe this. How the hell is he doing it…?” Satoru said, sounding dumbstruck.


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