an English translation of the novel

Page 94-95

“Oh, sorry.” I clamped my mouth shut. For some reason I was feeling happy and talkative.

“Wait. Maybe…in this,” Shun eyed his half-finished breakfast with extreme distrust.

As if by telepathy, we all understood what he was thinking.

Could they have put something in the food? Something that would relax us and make us spill everything we were hiding.

Satoru pointed decisively at the bowl of jelly. While everyone else had been eating the main portion of their breakfast, I had been unable to wait and already started on dessert. It did have a slight alcoholic smell, but there could be other drugs mixed in as well.


As our attention was on the bowl of jelly, Mamoru looked out the window and made a strange sound.

“What happened?”

Ignoring Maria’s questions, he started toward the window. At that instant, I saw a large shadow flicker across the window.

Mamoru pressed his face to the glass and peered outside. He turned back. There was a bone-chilling look of fear on his face I had never seen before.


The clock chimed eight times. I realized something strange. Even though it was already eight in the morning, I didn’t hear any children around. And I couldn’t, no matter how hard I tried. We were still the only ones at the center.

The heavy silence continued. Mamoru still refused to say what he had seen.

“Thanks for waiting, you guys,” the Sun Prince came in through the door, along with a middle-aged couple I recognized but had never spoken to.

I was sure they were also from the Board of Education.

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  1. Wow, so intense!

  2. Cannot wait for the rest of the story, I’m so exited and nervous just from reading your translations of this amazing peice of work. GAH!!

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