an English translation of the novel

Potential translation by Vertical Inc.

I’m sure many of you have heard (or even joined the campaign) already, but Vertical Inc. is considering doing an official translation of SSY, provided that enough people will buy it. They’re setting the price at 25 USD for a paperback of about a thousand pages; that’s the entire novel all at once (none of this 2 or 3-book business like the Japanese version). At the moment, it’s only slated to be released in the US, UK and Canada though.

You can read more about it at RC as well, especially the for or against discussion in the comments if you’re undecided.

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13 Responses to Potential translation by Vertical Inc.

  1. Hey there! So I just wanted to thank you for doing this translation and was wondering if you really pretend on continuing it. Again, immensely grateful for what you have been doing.

  2. Hello! Thank your for your translations. I highly enjoy them, and I hope you continue!

  3. Thanks for your translations, I’m so glad I’ll be able to read this awesome novel. I have a question, can I translate it to spanish if you let me?

    • eerabbit says:

      Sure, though I wouldn’t recommend it because my translation is not 100% accurate to begin with, so if you translate it again, a lot of details/nuances will be lost even further (kinda like a game of telephone).
      It’s definitely better to translate directly from the source if possible

  4. it seems that Vertical has given up on the project… so you’re our only hope now.

    Thank you, you’re doing god’s work.

  5. I’m the translator of the novel in italian, thanks for your translations, i really liked the show and i decided to read the novel, thanks a loto!

  6. J’apprécie énormément ce roman et je trouve que vous un excellent travail ! J’espère sincèrement pouvoir en lire encore plus. Alors bonne continuation :)


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