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Tatami Galaxy translation

Not SSY-related, but I mentioned ages ago there was a small group of us working on a Tatami Galaxy translation, and it’s finally done! For those interested, the PDF and epub can be found here. Hope you enjoy!

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  1. Glad to see this finally finished. You’re doing God’s work :)

  2. Thank you so much for this!

  3. Thanks!!

  4. Hey, thanks a lot for this!

  5. Hello, Thanks for your hard work with SSY. I’m a fan of the anime and can’t wait to read the novel! I looked around but can’t really find any info on it, but do you know anything about New Wold Zero Year? Apparently a prequel about Boy A. There are links to a website here but I have no clue how to read Japanese.

    • eerabbit says:

      Hey, sorry for the late reply! I don’t know any more about it other than it should be finished at the end of this year; if someone scans and uploads it I’d be willing to translate it

  6. Thanks so much, I’ve been waiting for the translation for ages.


  8. Thank you, thank you, a MILLION times over thank you! Ever since I first watched “The Tatami Galaxy,” I’d been entranced by the writing and had desperately wished for an English version of the novel – and your translation is a pitch-perfect blessing from the heavens. Here’s hoping we eventually receive official translations of this and Morimi Tomihiko’s other works (I think we’re getting a “Penguin Highway” translation?). Again, thank you so much for all of your time and effort that you put into this – you are AMAZING!!! :)

    • eerabbit says:

      thanks a lot! i think i mostly did editing on the tatami galaxy; our translator has a flair for Morimi’s slightly absurd style :) here’s to hoping we get more adaptations/translations!

  9. This is great, thank you!


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