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Hey guys,

Part III Chapter 3 is coming up soon, which is also where the Baka Tsuki translator started translating (anyone know what he’s up to? he hasn’t updated in forever). I just wanted to say that I’m not going to skip the parts he’s done. Sorry to everyone who has to wait forever until Part IV Chapter 3, but I want to read the story all the way through and not skip around.

Also, I’ve noticed that the website has been down a couple of times for like 10-20 minutes each time? Not quite sure why that is, but I’m trying to figure it out. I used to be able to check the status pretty often, but I recently started working so I can’t mess around on the internet as much :P So if you could leave a comment letting me know if/when/how often the site has suddenly stopped working in the past month or so, that would be great!

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  1. Sorry, I have no answer to the first question and I have been checking
    often whether there are any more novel updates or responses in the forums
    (I have no account in the forums, so I cannot verify if his account itself
    is still active) since the last time he updated.
    As for your offer (is that the word?) to continue translating translating until the end, I am very grateful, because I have been waiting forever to read the latter parts of the third volume, but the translations were stalled. Although the BT translations seem fine to me, it would be nice to see your side of your translations of the translated parts of the third volume. However, because you had already made your decision and that I don’t want to burden you any further than what you have with this monstrous task of translating these volumes, that is all right with me. ^__^

    Thank you for dedicating your time translating this novel. m(_ _)m
    THANK YOU!! ^______^

    As for your your other question, I presume the site is already back to normal since the time of your post? I did not witness the problems you had because I did not check the site at that time, so yeah. o.O

  2. thatguyfromyourmom says:

    I’m glad you’re continuing with your own translation — you’re doing a great job, and the consistency is welcome.

    As for the website. No patterns that I’ve noticed. It’s always slow though: sometimes it can take 30 seconds or so to load a new page.

    Thanks for the great work, I feel totally spoiled having not only a translation but a really high quality one too.

    • eerabbit says:

      >It’s always slow though: sometimes it can take 30 seconds or so to load a new page.

      That’s weird. It’s always fast for me (when it’s not down), like 1-2 seconds to load the main page. Are you using VPNs or proxies or anything?

  3. Thank you for the hard work! I’m glad you aren’t skipping the parts that are already translated by someone else, I like your version and this site is cleaner.
    Leaving that aside, the webside doesn’t give me any troubles. It’s fast and the conexion is stable :)

  4. Thank you very much for translating this wonderful work! I totally appreciate all your effort, sweat and hard work. Really, thank you very much! ^___________^

  5. Theacefrehley says:

    To me, this site never crashed
    Maybe I am just lucky

  6. ThatoneGuy says:

    I’ve never experienced any latency. This has been a fantastic read, as well as a clean and reliable website. I cannot express my gratitude enough when it comes to the hard work and long hours this translation must take.

    Looking forward to the next update
    Thank you ~

  7. New reader here. Thank you so much for your work on translating this novel.
    I love the anime and really would love to read this. so again thank you so much :D

  8. I’m not sure if you have already herd the news, but there is finally an status update from the B-T translator. You can read more info at the web site.

  9. Hey,

    i just found this page and i am really really happy/grateful to see that someone is making the effort to translate this. I wish i could help somehow, because being able to read the novel you want so badly translated, is the best.

    I just wondered, did you ever considered to work together with the BT guy, was that ever an option, or did you wanted to do this all by yourself?



    • eerabbit says:

      Hi, thanks for reading (:

      We never really considered working together; I think each of us wanted to read the book for ourselves.

  10. Just wanted to say thanks for all of the fantastic work you’ve put in with translating SSY, it’s really appreciated!

    I was wondering though, you’re about 2/3 of the way through the novel now, do you have any plans on what to do next when you’re done going through and translating this beast, if you even plan on translating anything else after this that is?

    • I’m also translating the Tatami Galaxy right now, but not on a regular schedule, so I’ll probably make that my main project after finishing this. But that won’t be till end of next year, i think.


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